Laser Scanning Support Services

3D HDS Laser Scanning Services

Our diverse background in 3D visualization enables us to use a unique tool-set when designing solutions for our customers. We allow clients to concentrate on the things they do best while we act as their in-house imaging department. From single machine parts to entire refineries, bridges to cities, cars to battleships, we have the expertise and equipment you need to extend your capabilities whereever needed to accomplish the task at hand.

SGM supports customers with bidding help, on-site representation, peak-shaving, back office processing or with just straight out production. We can tailor a solution to meet your expectations and budget. From special local rates to world-wide deployments, we have the tools and talent you need to ensure a successful result.

Contact us for help with your next project or to learn more about specific services:

S&V Surveying has partnered with SmartGeoMetrics on several projects. SGM’s team has provided us with excellent support services and have been able to successfully meet project deadlines each time. It has been our experience that SGM’s employees are always willing to go the extra mile to assist us.”

Laser Scanning Field Services

Field Services

With the world’s largest inventory of for-hire 3D Imaging equipment, years of expertise and a unique understanding of the technology, we are your “in-house” imaging department….
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3D Laser Scanning Modeling

3D Modeling Services

3D Modeling and presentation services include solid and surface modeling from point cloud information, 2D to 3D conversions, volumetrics, animations and simulations…
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Petrochemical and Process Services

Petrochemical & Process Services

2D to 3D, P&IDs, Isometric drawings, BIMs and existing piping layouts are just a few of the specialized deliverables available from our P&PSD…
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Laser Scanning for Architecture, History, and Forensics

Architectural, Historic & Forensic Documentation

We can create technical and interperative materials documenting “as-is” conditions accurately and safely…
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