Mantis MVC-F5 Handheld Imager

The Mantis MVC-F5 Handheld Imager scans your site quickly and accurately.

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The Mantis MVC-F5 mobile mapping scanner is a small, lightweight handheld device that captures highly dynamic environments in relatively no time at all. Its compact frame makes it easy for users to scan small, complex objects with precision, or map a large, cluttered environment with pin-point accuracy.

Advantages of Versatile 3D Laser Scanning
Mobile scanning technology provides many benefits, and the Mantis MVC-F5 Handheld Imager is one of the latest innovations in the field.

Quick image capture: Time is money, and the MVC-F5 is able to acquire the accurate data it needs in seconds or minutes rather than hours.

Adaptable and sensitive: The imager is small and lightweight, allowing users to take the scanner anywhere. It also uses infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye, and can capture moving objects in low or high light conditions accurately.

Silent: The MVC-F5 is one of the quietest devices on the market.

Easy to use: It only takes a short training session to learn how to effectively use the handheld imager. The device also does not need to be calibrated.

Strong frame: No matter the environment, the MVC-F5’s internal components are safely ensconced in a hard outer shell.

Professionals in numerous industries – whether it is land surveying, historical sites, petrochemical services or architecture – can see the advantages in person, that the MVC-F5 has to offer, through SmartGeoMetrics. Our consulting services can help you to use the technology efficiently. Our field teams can also capture the data you need for you and provide your company with the 3D models and P&ID you require using the MVC-F5. Even if the MVC-F5 isn’t the right product for your job, we will find one for you.

Map your site with mobile 3D laser scanners! Email us at to gain more information on our 3D laser scanning solutions and consulting services. You can also speak to a SmartGeoMetrics representative by calling us at 1.866.940.1397.

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