Houston, Texas Laser Scanning

SmartGeoMetrics’ headquarters are located in downtown Houston, Texas next door to the University of Houston and central to the upper Texas Coastal Petrochemical Complex. The majority of our data processing services and rental dispatches originate from the Houston location. The office is managed by Barbara Misto. The Houston location also offers a Local Rate Zone wich allows customers within the area to purchase SGM services by the hour with no minimums and with short, usually 24 hour, turn-around on processing. The LRZ is designed to allow customers the ability to utilize our services or rent equipment for small or last minute projects. This is especially helpful to maintenance departments located at the many petrochemical refineries in the area.

SmartGeoMetrics Houston

1221 Lamar St.
Suite 1585
Houston, TX 77010
Phone: 713.574.6690
Email: bmisto@smartgeometrics.com

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