Used Equipment and Trade-Ins

We offer top-notch used gear and give trade-in value to help you get better data for less cost. And no matter what you buy from SGM, you always get SGM support. The best in the industry! And don’t forget to package your scanner with training from one of our experts and buy with complete confidence to scan on your own.

Why buy used?

  • 100% Operable condition (pre-tested and verified)
  • Come with all standard peripherals (batteries, chargers, cables, etc.)
  • Often includes current Customer Care Package
  • Comes with SGM Support and 4 hours of training (at SGM site, or via phone/web)

• Below is what we currently have available. Don’t see what you want listed below or have a question? Give us a call!

• Want to trade up to a better scanner? Give us a call to see what kind of value your current scanner has!

Available Equipment

Leica C10

Leica HDS6000

Leica HDS6200

Leica HDS7000

The workhorse of the laser scanning world with a time-of-flight sensor. An oldie, but goodie for phase-based scanning. Less frills than the latest scanners, but at a much more attractive price. Has current calibration. Another oldie, but goodie in the phase-based scanning world. This is the upgraded model from the HDS6000, but without the range over the 7000. Has current calibration.

Do you like the Leica P20 and Z+F 5010c, but don’t like the price? Get this modern scanner at a much more attractive price. No on-board camera though, sorry. Has current calibration.

Leica P20

Mantis Vision MV F5

Creaform EXAscan

3D Laser Scanning Peripherals

Leica’s latest and greatest scanner that you should have heard of by now. It looks just like the C10, but it scans A LOT faster (camera too!). If this is post is still here then we should have an available demo unit for you. Leica Customer Care Package current until ???? The technology Google tapped as their foundation for ‘Project Tango’! Incredible hand-held scanning ability and versatility for smaller jobs and hard to reach places. If you are reverse engineering or need smaller objects digitized then you should already have a Creaform scanner. If you want another one, We always have equipment like tripods, targets, and more to help you scan better!