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Laser scanners reduce the challenges of land surveyors

May 28, 2014

When it comes to land surveying, there are many things that can go wrong. Land surveyors can encounter numerous challenges when they start a job. Many of these issues can be righted with increased communication, but others need strategic planning with the use of highly accurate tools. When land surveyors are determining the property line of a certain plot of land, they need to be sure they are turning to the right tools to do so. From having to stay positive in negative situations to having to meet a deadline, land surveyors are bombarded with many problems.

How laser scanners can help
According to an article in American Surveyor by John Matonich, president and CEO of Rowe Professional Services Company, successful land surveyors understand which projects to take and which ones to walk away from because they wouldn't be lucrative or the clients couldn't be pleased. However, land surveyors need to always keep learning, Matonich noted, and find new ways of doing things if they want to keep being successful. This is where 3D laser scanning comes in. 

Laser scanners can streamline the amount of time land surveyors spend on projects because these highly technical tools are able to collect as-is information on a site. Collecting data through laser scanning is much faster than traditional methods, as the best instrument professional in the world can't get more than one point per second while certain scanners can gather more than 1 million points per second. Laser scanners collect data on scenes, not assets. What this means is that land surveyors are unlikely to have to go back and redo their measurements because laser scanners rarely miss a measurement. By eliminating questions surrounding the accuracy and speed of data collection by using laser scanners, land surveyors can feel more confident tackling the other challenges of a project.

While 3D laser scanning technology can't prevent all the challenges land surveyors experience, these tools can minimize the amount of technical work professionals must do when they are mapping properties or spaces. By ensuring measurements are as precise as possible, land surveyors can speed up their projects and avert any possibility of rework. This means that clients are happier, land surveyors are less stressed and budgets are maintained.

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